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Charlotte Is Home Center

Charlotte continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with many of the new neighbors being new immigrants and refugees. In fact over 17% of the population are foreign-born! For refugees and immigrants, accessing trusted, culturally-responsive resources, guidance, and services in their first language is crucial to their adjustment to a new community. In 2020, ourBRIDGE, a Charlotte non-faith based 501c3, identified three major gaps in services needed by newly-arrived families to Charlotte: Navigating the school system, receiving support with academic and English acquisition programs; accessing high-quality healthcare; and finding an immigration attorney who would represent them pro-bono.

Why in Charlotte? 
From 1990 to 2020, the foreign-born population in the Mecklenburg County increased 931.65%. Mecklenburg County has the highest concentration of immigrants in deportation proceedings in North Carolina. 45% of Latinos in Mecklenburg County don’t have a primary healthcare provider. 

*Data pulled from 2020 Census, TRAC, and Charlotte/Mecklenburg Quality of Life Explorer


"I am confident that by co-locating our organizations, we will drastically improve the newcomer experience in Charlotte". 

- Sil Ganzó, ourBRIDGE Founder & Executive Director. 



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